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 What is JCGR?
The Japan Corporate Governance Research Institute was founded in 2001 as a general incorporated corporation for the purpose of investigating corporate governance of Japanese companies and has been conducting a survey on corporate governance for all companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2002 (JCGIndex survey) has been carried out. In 2012, JCGR merged with the Outside Director Network of Japan, established the Japan Corporate Governance Network (CG-Net), and continued the JCGIndex survey as an independent research department of CG Net. Since 2010, JCGR have held monthly study sessions on corporate governance and finance to broadly share JCGR'sr understanding of corporate governance. In the near future --after the 2018 General Meeting of CG-NET (date is not yet determined)--, JCGR will sparate from the CG-Net and continues corporate governance survey and educational activities more freely as an independent organization.
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