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 What is JCGIndex?
*****The purpose of corporate governance is to give corporate managers clear corporate performance goals and to ensure a system that managers can responsibly realize them. To that end, corporates must clearly separate business execution by executive officers who are executives -management- from management oversight by the board of directors -governance-, and also must secure transparency to disclose the satus of management to every stakeholder beginning with shareholders constantly. From this point of view, based on the "JCGR Corporate Governance Principle", JCGR has set up about 70 questions on the following imatters.
******** 1) Governance by the Shareholders
  2) Clear and Measurable Corporate Goals
  3) A System to Assure the Responsibility of CEO and Top Manahement Team for Realizing the Goals
  4) An Independent Board with capability to Monitor and Motivate Management
  5) Systems for Managerial Decision-Making, Implementation, and Risk-Management
  6) Accountability to Shareholders through Providing Timely and Sufficient Information and Securing Shareholders' Trust through Investor Relations Activities
  7) Maintainance of Transparency through Disclosure to all Stakeholders

JCGR re-groups the items of the seven groups above into the following four categories, aggregate them, and calculate JCGIndex as an indicater representing the state of corporate governance. If all four categories are perfect, JCGIndex is 100, and the further fro it the state of corporate governance becomes, the closer to zero JCGIndex becomes.
******** Ⅰ Corporate objectives and CEO responsibility
Ⅱ Structure and function of board of directors
Ⅲ Management system
Ⅳ Transparency and communication to shareholders

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